Our Customers Love Us

The secret to our success is actually no secret at all.  We at Elite Techs simply give our customers the best solutions, excellent prices and high quality ultra fast support. These are just a few of the benefits to using Elite Techs.

No Term Contracts

The competition locks their clients in and only tries to earn their business at renewal time. Not at Elite Techs, we earn your business daily.

Winning SLA's

Does anyone even care about the SLA anymore?  We do! In fact, if we fail – we will proactively credit with no request from you.

Fantastic Support

Support from your IT provider is what you needed when it comes down to it, right? Let us wow you with our support!

Business Alignment

We want to see your business grow just like we do ours. We embrace your business goals and form a plan to help you succeed.

Elite Techs Managed Services

Elite Techs was founded in 2007 to be a viable alternative to retail big box stores that don’t provide that special attention to detail that we all enjoy.   We have the distinct difference over our competitors by offering a multitude of services including: Managed IT Services for Businesses, Network Operation Centers, Help Desk Centers in Multiple Time Zones, Retail Storefronts for Residential and Business use, Web Hosting, Mobility Repair Locations, Onsite Field Solutions for Consumers and Businesses and Repair & Disposition Depots.  We are truly a full service IT company that can meet all your needs.

Intrinsically focused on how we can improve your business by leveraging technology to align with your business goals with our managed services.  We don’t come to the meeting asking about your tech needs, we come asking about your business objectives.

Elite Techs Offers Custom Solutions

Elite Techs partners with flexible companies, we can’t stand rigid ones.  You deserve the same. We provide flexible custom solution for every client uniquely so their business receives the perfect IT solution and service plan for their needs only, not a one sized fits all approach.

Cloud Services

Everyone is either going to the cloud or talking about going to the cloud. Do you understand the cloud? We’re here to guide you. Elite Techs will guide you in the right direction, safely – the cloud and beyond.

Security Training

Do your employees know how to spot a security breach?  Do they know how to handle a social engineering hack?  Once or ongoing basis to properly train your staff and keep them aware.

Hardware as a Service

Are you constantly budgeting capital for equipment like desktops or servers?  Stop!  Physical or Virtual Hardware wrapped up in a package with support and software for one flat rate monthly.


This is one of the first items we tackle with every new customer, be prepared for us to ask. What is your backup solution?  Your business can’t suffer a data loss, let us implement a perfect solution.


If you are in compliance industry, you need firewalls and each jack locked down to prevent abuse. If you have a restaurant, you need WiFi with social check ins for coupons. No matter your business, we have options.


Does your business turn off at 5?  Of course not. So why does your current provider stop offering help desk support at 5?  We are here 24x7x365 and every holiday throughout the year – here to help you.


If you are running ten or more employees, you need to be thinking about servers. If you already have a server, you need to ensure they run and are maintained properly.  We got you covered.

Outsourced IT

Do you already have an IT department that just needs some rollover help or after hours support? No problem!  We specialized in custom IT solutions for any company, let us know how we can help today.

Live Answers - Right Now

During Hours 9-5 EST

Do you have questions and don’t have the time to call in or request assistance? No problem.  We got you covered with our Live Chat right here on our website to assist you.

Step 1:  In the bottom right corner, you can click the icon for live chat.

Step 2:  Ask away during our administrative staff business hours of 9 to 5 EST.

Step 3:  If we are out of office, you can still ask your question to the bot who may be able to answer, if not – your message will be sent to the team who will email you the reply.

In minutes, you’ll see why we mentioned above our customers love us.

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Elite Techs Managed Services has a full customizable solution for each and every customer.  We aren’t going to give you a box to choose from and pack your business as tightly as possible into it.   You are going to receive attention to your business goals, so that we can develop you the perfect solution of services with nothing else beyond that. We offer the cloud, we don’t force the cloud – let us show you the difference by chatting with Elite Techs.

Our Elite Engineers are highly experienced, and you never need to worry whether or not your issue can be solved.  We have team members standing by to provide consultation information and give you a free proposal and network assessment upon request.

No High Pressure Team Members, No Spam, No Nagging Calls. We will ask permission to follow up.

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